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Malcolm Gladwell famously defined the “tipping point” as that magic moment when an idea or practice crosses some invisible threshold, tips, and spreads widely throughout a culture or society.  Lately I’ve been wondering if the practice and benefits of mindfulness meditation are hitting that tipping point. The many benefits of […]

#TTW10: Happy Happy, Joy, Joy. A Tipping Point for ...

I love highlighting cool things libraries are doing beyond the norm here on TTW. I’ve done it for years in the “Library Innovators” category. It’s easy to get stuck in our grooves…the same programs, the same services, over and over and over again. From Justin Hoenke: All of my love, […]

#TTW10 : Ukeleles & Love

When, in the early 2000s, you were passionate about your work in libraries, full of ideas and eager to hear others’ ideas about how libraries can best serve their communities, excited about what the future holds for libraries, hungry to discuss this stuff with people who shared these interests, and […]

#TTW10 : Tame The Web is my Alma Mater by ...

Michael asked me to write a guest post for Tame the Web to celebrate its tenth anniversary.  I’m honoured.  Tame the Web has been in my feeds since the very first day. Secondly, Michael is awesome and is one of the dynamic, positive forces in our profession through his writing, […]

#TTW10: Sharing Our Passion by Stephen Abram

    Note from Michael: I look to the State Library of Queensland often for inspiration and examples of participatory engagement for users. I also have a special spot in my heart for the librarians and info professionals of Australia, who welcomed me for two extended visits that I will […]

#TTW10: Let Me Talk to You About ALICE ~ A ...