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Hurrah! I got to chat with Chris Jowaissis a bit at IL. He is incredible and I’m always glad to see a new post at Technobiblio. Seems CJ has found the first state library podcast, an interview with “ODL Public Information Officer Bill Young about the Oklahoma Reads Oklahoma […]

CJ Points to Oklahoma State Library Podcast And Jobs reports iTunes will have built in podcast support! Apple CEO Steve Jobs told the assembled crowd at “D3: All Things Digital,” that Apple would add Podcasting support to its next version of iTunes (4.9), which is due within 60 days. Apple will also be launching a service […]

NPR Piece on Podcasting & Apple Podcast News

MacMerc reports: Podscope: Welcome Podcasters! Podscope is the Internet’s first spoken-word search engine for audio and video podcasts. If you would like to extend the the audience of your podcast by making it searchable please provide us with an RSS link below. Hmmm… I would me more inclined to […]

Making Podcasts Searchable?