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Superpatron: Technology Advisory Board & Book Covers

Via Jenny, John Blyberg and Jessamyn: Superpatron is a blog by Edward Vielmetti – check it out! I have followed his blog and discussions about his home library in Ann Arbor for some time. Now, as a library patron he starts a blog! This is a milestone and we should watch closely as this blog grows. Librarians – how would you feel if you had a blogging patron discussing your library and services? And that patron was using all the available tools to share their library experiences with the world: current checkouts, holds, etc. Wow! The post that caught […]

5 Suggestions for Upgrading to Library 2.0 (or Some Easy Steps to Get Started…Really)

Please think seriously about internally blogging the plans/meetings/notes/minutes for any BIG PROJECT that is in the planning stages. This is simple buy-in as well as a way to test the waters of social software. It will keep your staff informed every step of the way. Ask for comments as well and look to start conversations. I can’t tell you how important it is to give the staff a means to talk and that it’s okay to spend some time doing so. Then, move to external blogs for various services and users. Bring together some of your newer librarians with the […]