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School Libraries Need a Revolution

Fascinating article in SLJ from David Loertscher: Last year, when I thought of revising my book Taxonomies of the School Library Media Program (Hi Willow, 2000), I realized that I had pushed the traditional model of school libraries about as far as it could go. We don’t need a revision. We need a reinvention. Experts say that the rank and file of any profession can’t re-create itself because it’s too enmeshed in the status quo. We’re more hopeful. What has to happen for school libraries to become relevant? If we want to connect with the latest generation of learners and teachers, […]

Thanks SWFLN!

I gave two presentations last week for the Southwest Florida Library Network.  The slides for “Taming Technolust in a Hyperlinked World” are here. The best part of the time was getting to spend time with Lee LeBlanc, who is a little over a month in his new job at SWFLN: Continuing Education/Emerging Technologies Coordinator. Lee has been a TTW Contributor for almost a year and I’m always glad to hear what he thinks about libraries and our future.

What a Year! 2006 in Posts, Presentations, Permutations, and … PARTICIPATION! (Updated)

A lot of folks have been looking back at 2006. I realized today what a year it’s been: more library and librarian blogs, RSS gains even more ground, Wikis rule the school (and ALA), IM is embedded directly in pages where our users may find themselves, YouTube offers a way to share a “Ray of Light” and other library content, comments in the catalog, and innovations such as the WPopac offer a view of a bright, open future… wowza… Who knew that 2006 would shake out to be a year of “participatory culture,” to borrow a phrase from Henry Jenkins. […]