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Do You Know A Librarian Who Could be a Pritzker Fellow?

The Pritzker Fellowship from Chicago Public Media is designed to cultivate a “new generation” of journalists. The fellows are nominated by community organizations, cannot have a degree in journalism, must not be in an academic program, and must be interested in community reporting. This would be perfect for a librarian. In fact, I wish that I could nominate a librarian for this! Do you know a librarian who might qualify? Check out the curriculum from their website: Program Curriculum Throughout the training period, the Pritzker Fellows will work on many projects and develop skills within their chosen arena.  The training will be extremely targeted […]

Help Me Write a Job Description: Publisher of Community

For the past year, I have had a foggy notion for a new librarian position, but I can’t quite get my mind wrapped around it. So, I am turning to you, TTW community, to help. Today, I am once again skimming through R. David Lankes’ amazing book The Atlas of New Librarianship. I am looking over page 67 at the idea of librarians as “Publisher of Community.” This may be the closest definition to what I have in mind. Lankes writes, “I foresee the day in the near future when librarians spend the majority of their time working with community […]

Think Like an Activist

At several points in my life I have had the opportunity to work closely with activists. I have seen political, social, and union activists up close and in action. The true activist is a special breed who is in touch with a different reality that is just outside the reach of the present. They have been touched by a holy spirit of change that drives them forward. Librarians can learn a great deal from activists. Activists do not just have energy and passion. They are absolutely goal focused. Ego is left behind. Partnerships are a necessity because resources are always […]

Indiana Libraries Consolidation?

Remember this from November 2007: Save our Small Libraries! Dear Michael: I want to tell you about my new blog. Aside from the standard issues that Librarians face here in Indiana we have a new one that has the potential for disastrous consequences for small public libraries here in Indiana. A large issue, which I feel is being played down by some, is the consolidation of all public libraries in the state. Few Librarians and taxpayers alike feel that this is going to be a beneficial change. Currently there are 238 libraries. The consolidation of public libraries would mean […]

Green Today, Green Tomorrow at Moraine Valley

There is a new blog at Moraine Valley Community College that is sure to inspire other similar blogs at other colleges. The Moraine Valley Library is excited to announce the a new blog, Green Today, Green Tomorrow as part of the library’s One Book, One College initiative in conjunction with the college’s larger Sustainability Initiative. This new blog is available at: “We hope that this blog will be a point of connection between the college community, the sustainability efforts on campus, and the educational opportunities that are part of the One Book program,” commented Troy Swanson, librarian, who […]

RSS Feed Parser at Moraine Valley

Troy Swanson writes: This is very cool. Our IT department has helped out the by putting up our own Feed Parser. Now, sure what a feed parser it? Basically, it’s a tool that lets you take display an RSS feed in a Web page (Blackboard page, blog, etc) as a bulleted list. It is an easy way for the less technically savvy faculty members to incorporate outside content into course sites. I’ve put together this Feed parser help page to explain how this works a bit more. 

More on Podcasting

Troy Swanson, Teaching & Learning Librarian at Moraine Valley Community College in Palos Hills, Illinois writes to TTW: We have a new podcast in our library: I decided to write up a blog post about the steps involved: I thought that others may find this of interest. People new to the podcast thing may find this useful. I know that when we were in the process of creating our fist podcast, this sort of thing would have been nice. Great resource, Troy! Thanks.

TTW Mailbox: Moraine Valley Blog, Podcast & Web News

I met Troy Swanson at Internet Librarian and this week he sent me some links to their Blog Development Blog: I wanted to forwarded some info about our PodCasts and Web site that I hope you might find interesting. I have posted a couple of things to our “Blog Development Blog”. Here are the links. “PodCasts Added” “Building Pressures” Good stuff. And I noted that Steven Cohen mentioned these developments as well and pointed to the Moraine Podcast policy: Library PodCast Policies About the Library Event PodCasts The Library Event PodCasts are intended to be a flexible, […]