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http://ischool.sjsu.edu/people/community-profile/lissette-gonzalez “During the MOOC, Gonzalez met information professionals from all over the globe. There was a large contingent from Australia and New Zealand, as well as participants from countries in Europe and Asia. This gave her a sense of connectedness with other information professionals, who brought diverse perspectives on the […]

#hyperlibMOOC: Student Lissette Gonzalez Guides Participants in First MOOC Offered ...

ALISE 2014 Juried Panel: New Landscapes: Exploring MOOCs as LIS and Professional Development Spaces with Kyle Jones, Joanne de Groot, Jennifer Branch. ALISE Conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a professional development opportunity for a global audience, the Hyperlinked Library MOOC was designed to offer an online space for learning and community-building. Panelists reflect on […]


http://ischool.sjsu.edu/people/community-profile/jolene-finn Student Jolene Finn serves as a “participatory learning guide” in the first massive open online course (MOOC) offered by SJSU SLIS. Finn is one of 11 guides who act as liaisons between the 400 MOOC participants and its instructors. The Hyperlinked Library MOOC (#hyperlibMOOC on Twitter), which started on September 3, […]

#hyperlibMOOC: Profile of Learning Guide Jolene Finn

My new column is up at Library Journal and it’s all about the incredible community of LIS folks in new Zealand: http://lj.libraryjournal.com/2013/12/opinion/michael-stephens/notes-from-some-small-islands-office-hours/ Something struck me about this conference, in addition to my interactions with the library folk I met as we traveled down the North Island, stopping in Wellington for a […]

#officehours: “Notes from a Small Island”

The #hyperlibMOOC is included in this new article at Library Journal: http://lj.libraryjournal.com/2013/12/digital-content/opening-up/ In the Hyperlinked Library MOOC, Stephens modified the common MOOC style of watching a video lecture or reading a lesson and then taking a quiz on the covered material. Instead, student work is reviewed by their peers, who […]

#hyperlibMOOC: “Opening Up: Next Steps for MOOCs and Libraries”

I have an article in the Fall 2013 issue of Internet Learning MOOCs for LIS Professional Development: Exploring New Transformative Learning Environments and Roles Abstract The rapid development of emerging disruptive technologies is a driving force behind the evolution of the library and information science (LIS) profession and is causing a […]

#hyperlibMOOC Article: MOOCs for LIS Professional Development: Exploring New Transformative ...