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  Citation: Michael Stephens , (2014) “23 mobile things: self-directed and effective professional learning: “, Library Management , Vol. 35 Iss: 8/9, pp. –. Purpose The purpose of this paper is to examine the “Mobile 23 Things” survey results from the program offered by Guldborgsund-bibliotekerne (a public library in Denmark) and present the findings […]

New Article: “23 mobile things: self-directed and effective professional learning”

Don’t miss this article about “23 Things for SLIS Students & Alumni” that Elaine Hall wrote for Alki, Washington Library Association Journal. Elaine Hall is a Washington Library Association (WLA) member and a MLIS graduate student at San Jose State University. She lives in Arlington, Washington and is pursuing interests in academic libraries, […]

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From #hyperlibMOOC student  Megan Egbert. What do badges at Meridian Library District mean for professional development? Megan writes: We are piloting a program that would use digital badges to increase staff member’s professional development and ongoing education participation. The badges act not only as incentive, but also as a visual reminder […]

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http://ischool.sjsu.edu/about/news/detail/new-resource-explores-23-online-tools-help-information-professionals Learning new technology can be challenging. With that in mind, SLISConnect, the combined student and alumni association at the SJSU information school, recently developed an online resource aimed at helping students and alumni explore tools that can foster academic and professional success. Launched in July, 23 Things for SLIS […]

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https://23things.sjsu.edu SLISConnect, SJSU’s School of Library & Information Science student and alumni group, is excited to announce the launch of 23 Things for SLIS Students & Alumni: Essentials Skills for Professional Success. This Learning 2.0 program will offer 23 weekly modules (one module per week) to introduce specific online technologies that are proven and […]

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Note from Michael: Elaine takes us through her work on the #transtech group project for Huntington Beach Public Library and connects to our course texts. i am happy to share this insightful reflection!   This report outlines the unique experiences, challenges, and opportunities in developing a Learning 2.0 program for […]

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I am super excited about this – just heard from Mylee Joseph that 500 AUS/NZ new professionals have signed up.  This is free learning folks created by library folk! http://anz23mobilethings.wordpress.com http://librariesinteract.info/2013/04/12/23-mobile-things-join-the-australian-new-zealand-course/ So what is the NZ/Australian Cohort for 23 Mobile Things all about?  Read on. What are the 23 Mobile Things? Twitter […]

23 Mobile Things: Join the Australian / New Zealand Course

In my Library Journal column “Office Hours,” I explored the concept of learning everywhere.  Here’s a snip: This semester, I’m teaching a new class based on Mezirow’s concepts of transformative learning, the work of Char Booth in the arena of user instruction, and the Learning 2.0 model…. We’re working with consultant Polly-Alida Farrington, who teamed up […]

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