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    No MySpace Please, originally uploaded by Jeff Kreger. Update: Jeff writes: A little more background. That picture is from a branch connected to a High School. There is security at the branch all day and even the local sheriffs stopping by after school lets out to make sure […]

No MySpace Please

http://www.passiveaggressivenotes.com/2008/04/23/grimace-and-the-fry-kids/ The school in l.a. where anna works is under renovation, so a lot of the kids cut through the library on their way to and from the cafeteria. recently, one of these fine young scholars spilled an entire basket of fries…and kept walking. one of anna’s coworkers picked them […]

French Fry in the Library

Brad Czerniak writes to TTW: Anyway, seeing your most recent post in the series regarding signage, I was immediately reminded of a sign at my “work library”. It reads, “Find Romance by the Fireplace.” Context: Our romance novel section was relocated to pucks [obviously] by a fireplace. Now, in the old […]

Find Romance…

Dominican GSLS Student Katharine Johnson writes: Last weekend I had the pleasure of joining LISSA (Dominican University’s library student group) for a tour of Loyola University’s new Information Commons located on their Lake Shore Campus.  In short, the place is incredible.  A bookless extension of their library, whoa!  Three floors […]

TTW Guest Post: Cell Phone Sign at Loyola

  You have new Picture Mail! Originally uploaded by The Shifted Librarian Jenny is still sad her home library “exhibits” the new books: Sadly, my home library has not changed its policy about new books 🙁 Since I won’t be in the library on December 21, I didn’t even bother […]

Still Sad…