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Zemirah Lee 2013
A few weeks ago, I wrote about attending a seminar in San Diego put on by the Special Libraries Association. The theme was connecting the dots of creativity and innovation and since we’re on the topic of maker spaces this week, I found my mind repeatedly flashing back to one […]

DeLaMare: Making Fun Spaces Work – A TTW Guest Post ...

http://ischool.sjsu.edu/about/news/detail/new-resource-explores-23-online-tools-help-information-professionals Learning new technology can be challenging. With that in mind, SLISConnect, the combined student and alumni association at the SJSU information school, recently developed an online resource aimed at helping students and alumni explore tools that can foster academic and professional success. Launched in July, 23 Things for SLIS […]

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https://23things.sjsu.edu SLISConnect, SJSU’s School of Library & Information Science student and alumni group, is excited to announce the launch of 23 Things for SLIS Students & Alumni: Essentials Skills for Professional Success. This Learning 2.0 program will offer 23 weekly modules (one module per week) to introduce specific online technologies that are proven and […]

23 Things for SLIS Students & Alumni – New Learning ...

Personal Learning Network – Presentation “Developing”, as it pertains to my title of this blog, is defined as the ongoing development, utilization, and management of my personal learning network. It is not something that “is done” and then complete, it is something that will, with careful nurturing and management, follow […]

Developing My Personal Learning Network: Processes, Decisions and Outcomes ...

In my Library Journal column “Office Hours,” I explored the concept of learning everywhere.  Here’s a snip: This semester, I’m teaching a new class based on Mezirow’s concepts of transformative learning, the work of Char Booth in the arena of user instruction, and the Learning 2.0 model…. We’re working with consultant Polly-Alida Farrington, who teamed up […]

#transtech Learning 2.0 Programs this Semester

Note from Michael: I am very excited about this project! We’ll be offering a professional development opportunity for FREE to a global audience AND I’ll be co-teaching with Kyle Jones! Thanks to SJSU SLIS for the incredible support and encouragement for this endeavor! http://ischool.sjsu.edu/about/news/detail/free-online-course-extends-learning-individuals-across-globe Take a look!

News: The Hyperlinked Library MOOC Fall 2013 Announced

Please don’t miss: http://thecorkboard.org/stephens-and-jones-to-co-teach-a-mooc-version-of-the-hyperlinked-library/ A snippet: There are a number of reasons this project excites me, and I think it should excite you as a potential student: The Hyperlinked Library model takes a humanist approach to user services and their intersection with ICTs: this is not a technology course, but […]

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A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future by Daniel Pink explores the capabilities of the brain and spirit in this conceptual age where high touch and high concept aptitudes are gaining serious ground. Emotional intelligence is becoming just as important as IQ due to abundance, outsourcing, and automation. People are […]

A Whole New Mind or Using Your Whole Mind: A ...