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I am currently developing screencasts for an exciting new project mpowwill roll out in the near future. While looking at a stupidly designed, but very useful database, I thought “Why would any patron watch a tutorial on how to navigate this mess?  They want an answer to a question, not […]

Screencasting Patron POVs, a TTW Guest Post by Mick Jacobsen

The Importance of the Non-Techie or How I Learned to Stop Pulling Out My Hair and Love my Luddite by: Mick Jacobsen My wife mocks Twitter thoroughly, “You don’t even know these people,” she repeats. She thinks Facebook/MySpace is weird. She considers online gaming to be silly.  She wasn’t sure […]

TTW Guest Post: Love thy Luddite

Via Library trainer Lori Reed: http://librarytrainer.com/2008/04/26/learning-from-corporate-america-starbucks-closes-nationwide-for-training/ From the Starbucks Web site, “That amounts to almost a half a million hours of training in one night.” My first thought on hearing this announcement was publicity stunt. Why do you need to close for training? Why can’t you do it before or […]

Starbucks Training Day

Don’t miss Steve Campion’s newest installments of his “Learn More” series. The various modules he’s put up for all to use would fit nicely in your online learning endeavor or for a library staff meeting. I appreciate Steve’s straight forward approach. Good work! Social networks 1: http://librarystream.wordpress.com/2008/01/07/learn-more-social-networks-pt-1/ Social networks 2: […]

Learn More: Social Networks