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Visions of the future: http://www.miamistudent.net/news/google-glass-gives-miami-visions-of-future-1.3073029#.UlHDnBZQGIk Waller was one of 8,000 “glassholes” selected to be among the first to play with the new gadget, with the winning tweet: “MT @glennplatt: #ifihadglass my students and I would show that learning is everywhere. We’d help lead our university redefine higher ed.” An innovation […]

News: Jen Waller, Miami Ohio Librarian, and Google Glass

Stephens, M. (2008). Taming technolust: Ten steps for planning in a 2.0 world. Reference and User Services Quarterly, 47, 4, 314-317. Note: This article was originally published in RUSQ and on the RUSQ Blog. Permission has been granted to share it here as well. I’ll be using it for a […]

Taming Technolust: Ten Steps for Planning in a 2.0 World ...

Don’t miss the new column by Aaron Schmidt: http://lj.libraryjournal.com/2012/04/opinion/aaron-schmidt/services-more-meaningful-than-ebooks-the-user-experience/ Fortunately, there are examples of libraries creating new and valuable services that may just serve as a template for fresh, more community- responsive services than the current “free bookstore” long-term gamble we’re making. Baltimarket is a collaboration among Enoch Pratt Free Library, […]

Meaningful Essential Services Beyond Commercial Content

I have read quite a bit lately about the concept of social curation and sites such as Pinterest, a “virtual pinboard” for organizing and sharing images. ”Curation” is very much the nom en vogue these days for a number of disparate activities, and I imagine many librarians roll their eyes when they see this term used to […]

Pinterest and the New Meaning of Curation – A TTW ...

Don’t miss this article by Åke Nygren at InformationToday Europe: http://www.InfoToday.eu/Articles/ReadArticle.aspx?ArticleID=80411&PageNum=2 Åke explores how Stockholm Libraries are responding to e-book stagnation: Since 2010 the Stockholm Public Libraries have been working hard at coming to grips with the conflict between a growing public demand for e-books and the devastatingly low percentage of […]

Overcoming e-book ‘stagnation’ by Åke Nygren

Don’t miss: http://www.libraryasincubatorproject.org/?p=2045 TTW Contributor Justin Hoenke answers some questions about the library as a creation space for teens: How do artists use your library? Every day after school we get anywhere from 30-60 teens using our teen library space.  I see the teens making music, art, and videos on […]

Make Something … at Portland Public Library