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http://www.pewinternet.org/Reports/2009/5-The-Mobile-Difference–Typology.aspx 8% of adults use mobile devices and broadband platforms for continual information exchange to collaborate with their social networks 7% of adults actively use mobile devices and social networking tool, yet are ambivalent about all the connectivity 8% of Americans find mobility lighting their information pathways, but have comparatively […]

Pew: The Mobile Difference

No, it’s not the secret service of the Soviet Union – it is, however, the commercialized reference desk.  KGB, or the knowledge generation bureau as they sometimes call themselves, provides a two-way text reference service straight to mobile devices.  Anywhere.  Anytime. Which begs these questions: What about the reference desk?  […]

KGB Answers your Text Messages

http://www.kungfugrippe.com/post/42288438/loopt-sms-mess I’ll give you a minute for that to sink in, because if you’re a connected person, you may want to ponder the consequences of unintentionally sending creepy bullshit to colleagues and business contacts who are too busy to care what you’re “geo-tagging” at a given time. I know, because […]

Merlin Mann on Loopt

From the Chronicle February 29, 2008 http://chronicle.com/weekly/v54/i25/25a01501.htm (I think it’s expired 🙁 ) As iPhones and other “smart phones” become more popular on campuses, and as computing becomes even more mobile, it seems that some form of Twitter-like service may become part of student and faculty life. But the technology has potential costs in terms […]

Universities A-Twitter

  http://www.acu.edu/technology/mobilelearning/index.html Mobile technology is shaping the way we live, work and learn. Since education can now take place in the classroom or virtually anywhere, ACU is committed to exploring mobile learning technology that makes sense for our students and their future. ACU leaders have given top priority to researching and developing a […]

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