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Zephyr Innovation Blog


I’ve been lucky to spend some time working and talking with Kathryn Deiss, who just took an incredible position with ACRL. I’ve learned from her, been inspired by her and look forward to future collaborations! And — she’s started a blog! From her about me page:

I have a deep belief in human creativity and our ability to innovate. For 16 years I have been facilitating learning for librarians, libraries, and other non-profit agencies. Sometimes this has been individual learning (workshops, institutes, etc.) and sometimes it has been organizational learning where larger groups are learning together. In almost every instance I have learned much from the people I work with and I have been inspired by the amazing and endless creativity of both individuals and institutions. However, many have told me and it is also my observation that while creativity might be natural to us all, creating institutional innovations is not as easy or natural under the press of everyday work. I hope this blog can serve as a “day trip” to the world of innovation and creativity research, practices, and cool stuff for eager travellers. It is by no means the last word on these topics but more a little foray into corners where neat stuff is happening.

(And what a snazzy weblog designed by none other than Jessamyn West, who spiffed up TTW and many other biblioblogging projects! Jess, take a BOW!)

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