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New Research Article: Connected Learning: Evaluating and Refining an Academic Community Blogging Platform

I have an article in the new issue of the Journal of Education for Library and Information Science on our student blogging platform at the School of Information, San Jose State University. This study investigates the benefits of a community blogging platform for students in an online LIS program. Using a web survey and descriptive content analysis methods, this paper empirically addresses how student blogging communities can be effectively foster connections amongst instructors and students, and enhance perceptions of learn- ing performance. Overall, students reported the blogging community and blogging as- signment created a positive impact on their learning performance, particularly […]

Library Blogging: TADL’s Fine Print

I am very impressed with the new blogging initiative launched by Traverse Area District Library: Fine Print is a curated collection of library inspired findings and fun to enrich your personal, professional, and creative endeavors. Fine Print is a production of the Traverse Area District Library, a network of community libraries serving Grand Traverse County through six facilities. Learn more about TADL. I especially like the “Reference Couch” entries: Kudos to TADL, the fine folks that also brought us the statistics dashboard:

Office Hours: Flipping the LIS Classroom

Oops – forgot to post this: I’m most excited about the requirement for student reflection blogging in this course. Discussion forums, landlocked inside the learning management system, are giving way to a WordPress-enabled blog community that all of our core students will work with for thoughts on the course content. I am a longtime advocate of the power of blogging as a means to foster critical reflection in a safe thinking-out-loud space and promote engagement with other students and faculty via commenting. The Sloan Consortium, devoted to effective online education, recently heralded a similar model: the University of Nevada […]

#TTW10 : Tame The Web is my Alma Mater by Emily Lloyd

When, in the early 2000s, you were passionate about your work in libraries, full of ideas and eager to hear others’ ideas about how libraries can best serve their communities, excited about what the future holds for libraries, hungry to discuss this stuff with people who shared these interests, and NOT a librarian or enrolled in library school or headed there, there were two great free channels where you could jump into the fray and educate yourself: listservs and blogs. These tools not only flattened geographies–so librarians from far-flung areas could ideashare– they flattened hierarchies: library paraprofessionals who might never […]

#TTW10: Sharing Our Passion by Stephen Abram

Michael asked me to write a guest post for Tame the Web to celebrate its tenth anniversary.  I’m honoured.  Tame the Web has been in my feeds since the very first day. Secondly, Michael is awesome and is one of the dynamic, positive forces in our profession through his writing, research, speaking and teaching and just being Michael. This opportunity set me to thinking about the nature of sharing.  My wife, Stephanie, teaches grade four so I know that about age ten you’re in grade four, just like Tame the Web.  Ten-years-old is a critical time as we move from […]

#TTW10 : The Feel-Good Librarian ~ You Can Do Magic

From Michael: Thanks FGL for contributing this guest post! I can’t believe how many years it’s been since I interviewed you for LJ: Hi, friends – Feel-good Librarian here, with biggest, shiniest congratulations to Michael and the whole Tame the Web community! Ten super years of information sharing and general quality assurance in the library world. Awesome! TTW has covered so many topics, but the ones that appeal most to me have been about keeping the heart in technology. Most of my interactions are still in person, but many occur through technology: email, internet, IM and texting, as well as […]

Happy Anniversary Tame the Web – Ten Years Today!

Greetings all! Today marks ten years that Tame the Web has been up and running as a library focused blog. After learning about blogs and blogging in 2002, I was inspired to begin blogging in April 2003. TTW officially began April 1, 2003, with a post about a recent presentation I gave at Computers in Libraries 2003, published from my brand new Apple laptop at Panera Bread in Mishawaka, Indiana. I learned as I went along, creating posts, adding links, and sharing my thoughts. Once in awhile, I would get a link from another blogger, pointing traffic my way. It was a […]

Interview with Dr. Troy Swanson – Community College Blogging Research

Via Gordon’s Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) Blog comes this interview with Dr. Troy Swanson: I’ve know Troy for sometime and was very pleased to watch his research unfold. Here are some details from the post: On Thursday I had the pleasure of talking with Dr Troy Swanson, an Associate Professor / Teaching and Learning Librarian at Moraine Valley Community College in Palos Hills, IL. In December Troy completed his PhD in Community College Leadership at Old Dominion University. His dissertation is titled The Administration of Community College Blogs: Considering Control and Adaptability in Loosely Coupled Systems. In the podcast, Troy […]

Looking Back at TechSource: 5 Years of Blog Posts

I contributed my final post as a regular author this week at ALA TechSource. I must say it makes me a bit emotional but it’s time to move on to focus on other things. I thought I take this chance to point back to some of my favorite posts from the last 5 years of writing at TechSource. One of my favorite things to do was a “back and forth” interview/discussion style post. Here are some of the best of the best: John Blyberg: On the L2 Train | Information Experience Michael Casey: Where Do We Begin? | Better Library Services for More […]