Mobile Versions of Library Web Sites

Via the Superpatron:

If your library catalog has a special version optimized for small computer screens as seen on mobile phones or specially for the iPhone, I’m interested in a pointer to it.

So far I’ve found these:

but where there’s this many there’s bound to be more.

12 thoughts on “Mobile Versions of Library Web Sites”

  1. thanks for this.

    at some point the “no cell phones in the library” sign needs to be replaced with the “put your library in the cell phone”. or something like that.

  2. Our library web site (Luria Library) has Movable Type as the back end and it appears very clean and usable on an iPhone. It still functions well on a small screen though it doesn’t meet your criteria for “special version” – maybe I’ll have to create a special version too, but I think as the technology (such as iPhone) improves, there will be no need for these special versions.

    What do you think?

  3. The Kankakee Public Library has a special mobile site ( I developed it when I bought my first PDA about 4 years ago. It works great on my blackberry and the library catalog that is maintained by our regional library system isn’t pretty but is quite functional. The hardest thing is remembering to keep the mobile site updated with the main site.

  4. I am developing a mobile website called and the hardest task if finding if the universities have a mobile site. I will add m., wap and other mobile extentions but i am look for true “.mobi” university websites.

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  6. Washington DC Public Library has a true iP_hone app – DCPL – which has been available on the App store since 12/2008. Works on their Unicorn/Symphony ILS. They are finishing up a Blackberry version now.

    Supports searches, content (jackets, excerpts, reviews), locations hours and locations (geocoded too), as well as patron holds.

    Link tot he app:

    Link to the annoucement:

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