LPL Flashdrives

LPL Flashdrives, originally uploaded by Lester Public Library.

512MB Thumb Drives, Friends of Lester Public Library Fundraiser, $15.00 each, comes in pink, black, green, red, and blue. Purchase at the circulation desk. Lester Public Library, Two Rivers, Wisconsin

4 thoughts on “LPL Flashdrives”

  1. 512K? Where on earth did Lester Public Library manage to find 512K flash drives in 2008?

    I’m guessing 512M–still pretty small for a 2008 thumb drive, but three orders of magnitude better.

    (I know: It’s on the flickr caption. Still implausible.)

  2. Well, 512MB is not too bad – for carrying a few files!

    But, hey, it’s flashy (no pun intended) and sports the library’s logo.

    Now I wonder if patrons are allowed to use them on the computers in the library?

  3. You bet the patrons can use them on our computers!

    Logo AND mission statement, that’s right, that is Lester Public Library’s Mission Statement, Read, Discover, Connect, Enrich.

    No kidding.

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