Libraries of the Future in Plain English

I am loving this! Great stuff from Down Under. I’ll be adding this to my Intro to LIS course.

8 thoughts on “Libraries of the Future in Plain English”

  1. i’m not sure that video will be around terribly long as it’s a rip off of Common Crafts “…in Plain English” videos. you would think librarians would be a bit more up to date on intellectual property stuff.

  2. Tara – if you look at the video on YouTube, the description says: “Ideas and concept for the video format were borrowed from the Common Craft website at ” I would think CC would be tickled to have such a well-produced imitation. It only emphasizes how well the CC methods communicates.

  3. My sense of anticipatory delight is akin to the
    shrill-shrieking 3 yr-old: I want it!!!
    I HAVE wanted it–since my first library job as
    a Book Shelver (that’s a few decades-).
    Alas, I will be arriving….exhale.

    Beyond the thrilling content, I enjoyed the
    clipped-pace and succinct parsing of the video.


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