Murder in the Mysteries Aisle 3

Murder in the Mysteries Aisle, originally uploaded by scampion.

Steve Campion writes: All that’s left of this ill-fated mystery reader is the chalk outline in the library’s stacks.

Actually it’s a tape outline, and it’s been drawing the public’s attention to the library’s mysteries section for several months. The librarian decided to try it after rearranging the shelves housing the fiction genres. A staff member created the outline with the help of a (living) high school student volunteer.

3 thoughts on “Murder in the Mysteries Aisle

  • Denise

    I’d love to borrow this idea. To make it more appropriate, I should steal it.

    That is so cool. I love seeing fun touches like that and users probably do, too.

  • Steve

    I should mention the caveat our librarian told me: “Tape on the floor can make a mess of your carpet. If that tape ever comes up, I am told that an echo of the image will probably be there for the life of the carpet.” She said they were willing to risk it because the branch is scheduled to get new carpet in the next year. But permanent might not be bad.

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