Office Hours Extra: Guide to Online LIS Programs?

An “Office Hours” reader writes:

Just finished reading your article Transparent Library School, where you spoke about my fears of signing up and having old information is my concern. The  only local (less than 2 hrs)  school closed up its local branch so I’m looking into the various online schools, and have not found a good comparison. 

Do you know of such a site?  The information on ALA on various programs I have found to be out of date. 
I have an obvious bias – but has anyone encountered a good comparison site of the online LIS programs?

4 thoughts on “Office Hours Extra: Guide to Online LIS Programs?”

  1. Thanks for sharing our link Ben. I’ve updated the metadata on the blog so that now all the Program Hack posts show up for the link above. We will probably continue this series as long as necessary. If the reader would like to request a specific program, please have them contact me and we’ll find someone at that school to write it up for us.

    Thanks again Ben and Michael!

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