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On Leave

I am officially on seven weeks leave as of today. I start the distance ed PhD on June 10th. I am on vacation now…heading to TC in a few short hours. This feel strange. Shouldn’t I be doing something? I’m sure I’ll wind down in TC.. Watch the TC Blog for my journal of Summer 2004.

Cool Change

I left the Library today for 7 weeks leave. I have worked there full time for 13 years. I start my PhD studies in two weeks. This is what was on the radio as I pulled away: If there’s one thing in my life that’s missing It’s the time that I spend alone Sailing on the cool and bright clear water Lots of those friendly people And they’re showing me ways to go And I never want to lose their inspiration It’s time for a cool change I know that it’s time for a cool change Now that my life […]

I’ve Got GMail!

Within an hour of my posts about wanting a gmail address…. I had two replies! Jeff Godin, library IT guy, from — guess where — TRAVERSE CITY IMed me! Thanks so much Jeff! Our deal? When I’m in TC I’ll buy him a coffee and will talk library tech for a bit! Coolness! Jeff also gave me my invitation to Orkut back a few months ago and started a library community there. I am now available at tametheweb (at) gmail (dot) com Then I got an e-mail from Susan Vaughn at the Suffolk University Law Library. We chatted via e-mail […]


As part of our Staff In-Service day last week, the whole SJCPL team took the Myers Briggs Type Inventory Assessment Tool with our facillitators Sharon and Dan Wiseman. I am an ENFJ. Seven years ago, we did the test and I was an INFJ. The purpose? To show the library staff how differently each of us meets the world and experiences it. We broke up into types (NFs for me) and did an esxercise. It was pretty darn cool.

SLS TechSummit Class 5-19-04

Bob and I taught an afternoon session yesterday at the Surburban Library System headquarters for Jenny Levine. We had ten library folks from all different kinds of libraries in to talk about technology training. It was a blast! Bob and I play off each other well and I look forward to teaching with him again! Jenny moblogged it here and here. Aaron worked the virtual Reference Desk and participated! Our PPT is here!