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Ten Things…. Web Stuff (Via Dave) and ATTN Library Directors

OH! How cool are these Ten Things that Dave King pointed to before the Holidays. Libraries really need to get a grip on some of these collaborative tools: IM, RSS, Wikis, etc! But, Michael, you say, how can I get started? What can I do at my small to medium-sized library about all this techie stuff? Good question. Here’s what I would do: ATTENTION LIBRARY DIRECTORS If you haven’t already designated staff to be in charge of Web development, communication and technology-based services, do so NOW. You, dear director, don’t have to know about all of this stuff but […]

Defining Information Literacy

Via the Information Literacy Weblog: “CILIP (Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals) Council has officially approved the definition of Information Literacy produced by a CILIP working group:” Information literacy is knowing when and why you need information, where to find it, and how to evaluate, use and communicate it in an ethical manner. This definition implies several skills. We believe that the skills (or competencies) that are required to be information literate require an understanding of: a need for information the resources available how to find information the need to evaluate results how to work with or exploit […]

Training Your Library Blogging Team

Last Thursday I did two training sessions for the official team of SJCPL Blogging Librarians. It was a 90 minute session. I developed some objectives for the training first: After successfully completing this session, participants will be able to: ? Post SJCPL Weblog entries formatted with bold, italics and inserted hyperlinks. ? Insert special characters as needed with HTML coding. ? Locate and insert images that are ?fair use? compliant for Weblog entries. ? Utilize stylesheet and guidelines to insure consistent posts across system. And then I created a handout to go with it. A general guidelines sheet was developed […]

Proofreading and Correcting: Librarian Style

Oh Lipstick librarian – your insight slays me this am concerning librarians and their need Okay; it’s one thing to be corrected when giving a paper or a speech, or even in a blog entry, but in a casual e-mail?? That little incident crystallized what exactly irks me about socializing with librarians: our incessant–nay, obsessive need to correct others. No matter what the situation or who’s involved, we can never let pass the opportunity to be right, no matter how picayune the mistake or perceived mistake (in this instance it was a grammatical controversy of the actor/actress ilk). No […]