Security & Crisis Prevention in Libraries by SJCPL Fellas

Congrats to Larry Bennett and Ralph Takach!! They presented a program attended by over 100 people in Indianapolis on Thursday, May 4, 2004. “Defusing Hostility and Preventing Violence in the Library and Techniques for a Safe and Secure Library, sponsored by the Indiana State Library, was a success!

The program offered librarians the chance to:

? Learn how to recognize early warning signals of anger or hostility.
? Become aware of how to handle unsettling situations involving patrons by using a variety of communication styles.
? Learn how to keep the behavior from escalating into a crisis and how to protect library staff through intervention techniques.
? Learn how to maintain composure in a stressful situation involving a patron.
? Decide when to call for security or the police.
? Learn about library building security and how to protect your building from theft and crime.

The two presenters bios & topics:

Ralph Takach, Facilities Manager, St. Joseph County Public Library, is a Certified Trainer in the ?Street Smart from 9 to 5? program designed by the Crisis Prevention Institute. He will give an overview of skills and techniques that have proven successful at the St. Joseph County Public Library.

Larry Bennett, Head of Security, St. Joseph County Public Library, was employed by the South Bend Police Department for 33 years and was the Chief of Police in South Bend for the last three of those years. He will address various methods that are used at the St. Joseph County Public Library to keep patrons and staff safe and secure.

And of course, the photos:

From left to right: Larry Bennet, Ginny Andis, Planning Consultant for the Indiana State Library, and Ralph Takach