New Job..New Duties…

I have not written about this yet because I’ve been so busy with school and the two Internet Librarian conferences but I wanted to post a quick note here. You may have noticed the banner on the lefty hand side now lists my new title — Special projects Librarian. This came about because while head of Networked Resources Development and Training, I started school and went part time. Then I lost two memebrs of my team to advanced aopportunities at other places! (Way to go Dale and Bob!)

It did not sit well with me to be a PT manager of a department that has 2 FT vacancies so I sat down with the powers that be at SJCPL and a plan for reorganization was born.

I am now doing cool stuff related to technology in the library system, that may include some video production in the future, media creation and content writing. Things are going well. I will still have a hand in Web stuff and Tech training stuff.