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One of My Coolest Moments

..of Internet Librarian 2004 was presenting with Jamie Wilson from Tower Hill School in Wilmington, DE. It was his first presentation ata conference and he was smashing! Scott told the audience and they erupted with applause… it was most cool. It made me remember my first time at CIL 2000… how exhilirating it is to get up in front of peers and have something to say…and have them listen!

Greg Schwartz on Library Blogs

Much discussion today at SJCPL about blogs… I took a look back at this: http://webjunction.org/do/DisplayContent?id=767 because Greg had such cool things to say in his talk.. If you haven’t read this one in awhile — or you never have — take a look! (And it’s at WebJunction!)

Twelve Things I Learned at Internet Librarian 2004

Wrapping up today with IL2004… for your consideration: As evidenced by the great group of people in our Make Learning Stick: Creating 5-Star, User-Centered Training & Instruction workshop, library folk are embracing their new roles as trainers and teachers.They had great questions and all participated. Scott Brandt gets this stuff and can explain it well. Instructional design for librarians is HOT right now. Are you developing classes? Are you teaching colleagues? You soon could be! Internet Librarians are poised to “own the future,” according to keynoter Lee Rainie of Pew Internet fame. My favorite part of his stuff is the […]

New Job..New Duties…

I have not written about this yet because I’ve been so busy with school and the two Internet Librarian conferences but I wanted to post a quick note here. You may have noticed the banner on the lefty hand side now lists my new title — Special projects Librarian. This came about because while head of Networked Resources Development and Training, I started school and went part time. Then I lost two memebrs of my team to advanced aopportunities at other places! (Way to go Dale and Bob!) It did not sit well with me to be a PT manager […]