NYT Notes SJCPL Blogs! WooHooo!

Dateline December 9, 2004: New York Times story Libraries Reach Out, Online By TIM GNATEK mentions my very own SJCPL! This, my friends, is one more example that LIS Weblogs have arrived and are being noticed.

“Posting electronic versions of libraries’ holdings is only part of the library’s expanding online presence. Library Web sites are becoming information portals. Many, like the Saint Joseph’s County Library in South Bend, Ind., have created Web logs as community outreach tools.

Here’s the link (login required): http://www.nytimes.com/2004/12/09/technology/circuits/09libr.html?adxnnl=1&oref=login&adxnnlx=1102601642-A0MCaqBVo7Bhh6fYAy3YEQ

I wish they would have linked to us but they didn’t. I womder how many folks may seek the blog out after reading about it today? Hopefully, some will be inspired to add blogs to their sites.

Attention: now is the time for all good librarians to begin their blogging experience: blog your programs, your collections, your outreach, your mission — in fact, make a blog part of your mission to keep your library in the public eye!

This fires me up!

And please visit the SJCPL Lifeline!