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Via Ken Smith: Greatest Hits Collection: Tim Porter went on holiday and left behind a list of what he considers to be his best pieces. This is a list of maybe four dozen posts, with a link and a brief synopsis for each one. That’s an act of self-scrutiny […]

TTW Favorites

Via Stephen Abram, who writes about L2 here. The Web 2.0 Meme: Top Ten Web 2.0 Moments of 2005 by Richard McManus: That got me thinking, and talking to some folks, about what were the defining moments of 2005 for the ideas behind Library 2.0? And so many […]

Ten Defining Moments: Library 2.0 Events of 2005

Just a pointer to a CNN piece: “We’re all tech junkies now” The article includes results of a survey about how connected folks are and how much it all costs. What lurks in the background are the folks that don’t have all this access to services and gadgets. That’s where […]

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