Karen at the Webcred Conference

Please visit the Free Range Librarian and read Karen’s reports from the Webcred Conference. This little passage just sent me:

But Friday and Saturday were also vacation days for me in the truest sense of the word, because at Webcred I went somewhere new and came back changed. Like many travel writers, I was on a quest, but did not quite know what I was looking for. I observed journalists and bloggers in their native habitat; I enjoyed their colorful costumes and quaint manner of speech; I heard both L’eminence grise and fresh-faced upstarts in both communities share their thoughts, boasts, and concerns about credibility, authenticity, and trust in the online world.

I have felt the same way coming back from some of the incredibble conferences I’ve attended and been a part of. I LOVE the fact that Karen crossed over and returns to tell us all about it. I’m reading..waiting for more..