I’m all about Presence

Please visit http://www.lawtechguru.com/archives/2004/03/31_online_presence_considering_blogs_instead_of_web_sites.html and read Jeff beard’s thoughts about how using blogs can increase someone’s presence and then translate the implications to libraries. Good stuff!

Concerning the value of blogs for “guerilla marketing,” Beard states:

1) Search Engines Love Blogs

2) Instant “Expertability”

3) Super Easy Updating

4) RSS News Feeds = Extended Reach = Larger Audience = More Hits

5) Built-in Search and Content Management Features

Hmmm.. how easy can it be? So — to the librarians out there that cringe when they remeber their libraries’ out-dated and not up-dated Web site…ponder a blog instead! There are great benefits to be had.