Apple iPhoto Book – Made on a Mac 2

Apple iPhoto Book: London 2004

I made a book in the new version of Apple’s iLife 05 iPhoto app of our October 2004 trip to England for Internet Librarian International. The page pictured above opens the book with a photo by my chum Rob Coers of me and my laptop at the keynote.

Take a look… it’s incredible what this software and Apple’s printers/binders can do!

2 thoughts on “Apple iPhoto Book – Made on a Mac

  • Leah

    i’m looking into doing a yearbook-type project for work and i’m trying to find ways to make a quality book that wouldnt have to be made in bulk or at a skyrocketing expence.
    this seemed like a possible route,
    i was hoping that you could possibly give me some information on how to go about creating one and how personal you can make them?


  • Leina


    I just made one now and ordered it. You need to use iPhoto but it is really easy to do and you can make it however long it needs to be by just adding pages. The large photo book is $29.99 for 10 double sided pages (20pgs) and 99cents for each additional page up to 100. There are a bunch of templates and like I said before, it is super easy to do. You can add whatever you want!

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