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Apple iPhoto Book – Made on a Mac

I made a book in the new version of Apple’s iLife 05 iPhoto app of our October 2004 trip to England for Internet Librarian International. The page pictured above opens the book with a photo by my chum Rob Coers of me and my laptop at the keynote. Take a look… it’s incredible what this software and Apple’s printers/binders can do!

RSS Synchronicity this AM

Nice bit of synchronicity. I e-mailed David King’s new Computers in Libraries article (as a PDF) to some folks here at SJCPL to highlight how focusing on local content and offering RSS is effective in serving users. Then, I log on to the Online Social Network Conference and find that one of the attendees has posted a link in the “Library Table” are: http://www.publicradio.org/columns/futuretense/2005/01/21.shtml “Libraries get hip to RSS” — sorry if someone posted this last month and I missed it.