If you build it, will they come?

David King concludes a post (in response to Greg who responded to me) with:

It’s up to us librarians to figure out what our content is, and how to provide our customers the ability to aggregate that content.

This speaks volumes. Sure – let’s spend $10,000 on a new database, invest loads of hours of Web designer time in a new Teen page, start staffing a VR desk 40 hours a week, add bells & whistles to our Web-based catalogs, etc.

Do all of the these things – BUT have a plan to get your content out to your users! Too many times I have talked to librarians about one of their new but not “taking off” services and they tell me “we didn’t promote it much…”

Have a marketing plan
Brand your services
Blog on your library Web site
Aggregate content via RSS
Teach your staff and your patrons how it all works

You may be happy with the results!