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Libraries and Technology

No one should have to deal with a situation like this – folks, it’s 2005 — there are are tools we can use to communicate, to learn, to exchange information, to improve workflow… Michael – I have information to share – but please do not use my name or identify my organization. My organization absolutely does not allow IM. In fact – I needed it for a training class and had to petition my boss, the head of IT, and others for permission. I got permission to use it for a specific amount of time – the duration of the […]

If you build it, will they come?

David King concludes a post (in response to Greg who responded to me) with: It’s up to us librarians to figure out what our content is, and how to provide our customers the ability to aggregate that content. This speaks volumes. Sure – let’s spend $10,000 on a new database, invest loads of hours of Web designer time in a new Teen page, start staffing a VR desk 40 hours a week, add bells & whistles to our Web-based catalogs, etc. Do all of the these things – BUT have a plan to get your content out to your users! […]