David Free on Podcasting for his Library

Here’s an e-mail comment I received from David Free a Reference Librarian
at Georgia Perimeter College – Decatur Campus in Decatur, GA. He said I could reproduce it here because I think it’s an excellent example of how libraries might syndicate useful audio content that markets services, etc.

Thansk David!

Greetings. Well, I’ve been experimenting with podcasting for the last month
or so. I’ve done 3 so far, mostly pretty basic versions of the library news I post
on our campus library blog: events, services, new books. I’m doing these about
every 2 weeks or so. They’re each about 12 mins long.


I’m looking at doing something fairly different with it though. My college
is a multicampus 2 year school, so what I’ve been doing is specific to my campus. But I’ve been talking with a colleague on another campus who is familiar with podasting about trying to do a library system-wide (4 campuses) monthly-ish radio show type podcast. We’re going to set up a seperate blog just for this podcastand do one as a test to see how it goes and look at the level of interest. We’re looking at this being a 30 minute or so show thing where we play Creative Commons licensed music between library related segments. These could be services, new database products, events/displays in various campus libraries, book reviews, interviews with authors/ librarians/ other campus folks or whatever. The idea for this came from a vague memory of reading about some libarians doing a show on a campus radio station.

Hopefully we can recruit other librarians to contribute audio segments or at
least written stuff that I could read. It may take some time to get going,
but it could be a really cool collaborative project to market the libraries.
There should be a demo version of this in the next couple of weeks, which
I’ll be glad to share.

Good stuff folks!