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Post “Dead Tech”: Sushi and Discussion

Nice evening…great Dead Tech Session! I’ll be posting images tomorrow. After, Aaron, David King and I stepped out for some Miso, Sushi and some darn good conversation about library IT departments, the academic library, implications of podcasts and videocasts and all things in between. One thing that impressed me today about the actual impact of blogging on the library profession is that David used a blog post as a talking point during his first session about targeting web services and statistics.

3 Classes I Wish I Could Teach At My Library (But Can?t):

Aaron’s | Jessamyn |Rose Read Classes I Wish I Could Teach At My Library (But Can?t): Music for the Masses: This workshop will teach partipants how to mount their entire music collections for sharing on the Peer to Peer networks. Best practices, innovative tips and legal advice if you’re busted round out a dynamic two hours in the library training room. Requirements: 1 Terrabyte firewire Hard Drive and a $200 legal retainer fee. Camcorder Cinema 101: Join us for a field trip to a showing of Return of the Sith! We’ll provide a sheet of handy tips on making the […]

5 Implications for the Teaching/Training Librarian

I enjoyed Clifford Lynch’s reflection and pondering the future keynote this morning. He detailed the past 20 years for the Computers in Libraries Conference (back in the 80s known as Small Computers in Libraries) and hit on some of the big changes or events of those times. In the early 80s it was the advent of the electronic card catalog and libraries jumping in and doing conversions. Then, Lynch reported, librarians embraced the Internet and assumed the role of “teacher” from roughly 1992 – 1998. When he said that I remembered the glory days of our first public Internet classes […]

Pondering the ROI

Aaron and I presented a workshop Tuesday devoted to implementing a plan for new technologies in libraries. We discussed planning, seeing the big picture, various nuances of some hot tech and the ROI on technologies in libraries. Be aware: not only do you have to buy the tech and implment, you have to staff, create policy, promte and train to get it going!

Future Minded (Updated)

Taking a break after teaching a Tech Planning workshop at CIL, Aaron Schmidt catches up on some Texting. Congrats to my chum Aaron Schmidt on his inclusion in the 2005 Library Journal Movers & Shakers lineup as a Reference Visionary. Aaron gets it: “Schmidt wants to help librarians understand the environment within which libraries must compete, including the commercial web. If we understand what our users get from those realms, and apply those lessons, libraries will have a future.” And now I’m pondering Aaron and realizing he exemplifies the future librarians who will be running the show in 30 years! […]

David Free on Podcasting for his Library

Here’s an e-mail comment I received from David Free a Reference Librarian at Georgia Perimeter College – Decatur Campus in Decatur, GA. He said I could reproduce it here because I think it’s an excellent example of how libraries might syndicate useful audio content that markets services, etc. Thansk David! Greetings. Well, I’ve been experimenting with podcasting for the last month or so. I’ve done 3 so far, mostly pretty basic versions of the library news I post on our campus library blog: events, services, new books. I’m doing these about every 2 weeks or so. They’re each about 12 […]