CBS MarketWatch Coverage that Means a lot to Me

Via Rochelle at LISNews (Blake, you rule!):

Librarians’ words to Ponder

The keepers of old-school information, librarians, are gathering in Washington this week at a conference titled “Computers in Libraries.”

The chatter on panels and in receptions about the Internet, and the several live blogs covering the event, clearly show that librarians are anything but introverted and low-tech, as stereotypes would have it.

Cliff Lynch, executive director of the Coalition for Networked Information, keynoted the meeting with this provocative comment: “When everyone can own a computer and enjoy a fast connection, then everyone can become a broadcaster and publisher.”

I appreciate the “breaking the stereotype” bit and the fact that they linked to the ITI blog. Lynch’s comments about everyday people becoming publishers and content providers speaks volumes for the future of libraries and digital information.