Implications of Podcasting in Library Land


Implications of Podcasting in Library Land

In the first two days of CIL, I heard the term “podcasting” in a few sessions, including the “Dead Tech” session. I guess, then, that “podcasting” is sooooo hot right now. With that, I thinkl we need to put some thought into what might happen as libraries jump on the syndicated audio (and video bandwagon). I’m all for adding media to a library’s presence, but I also see the need to plan and ponder how the creation of audio content might impact our work:

Have a visiting author? Will guest speakers sign off on a “podcast clause” when visiting libraries? Or agree to be interviewed for a library’s feed? This is marketing for your library and publicity for the person involved so they will probably be tickled to do it. However, make sure that your “interviewer” is skilled in asking questions and has time to put together a brief intro and set of questions.

For a library to produce audio content monthly? weekly? there will need to be a serious investment in time and staff. It must be a priority! A podcast created by staff should probably be reviewed by the marketing point person to insure it meets the standards that SHOULD HAVE BEEN SET UP for all library promotional materials. This is not just the duty of IT staff.

What of podcasting conferences? It’s one thing to blog from your seat in the presentation room. It is certainly another to record conference content. here at CIL, Greg has been recording content and asking folks to record “promos” for his podcast, or “the show” as he calls it. To actually syndicate program content, however, there are legalities involved.

Key Factors for the Podcasting Libraries:

What will be your ROI? Loads of downloads, feedback from users, or some other method?

What equipment do you need — or already have? A PC, microphone, software, etc. where will the recording be done? Not in a busy workroom for sure!

Audio content should be created with the same guildelines as text-based content. Follow your style guide for how you might say your library’s name or similar.

How will you promote your cast? On the Web? Usual media outlets?

Who does it? What staff?

A tip: if you have a librarian that is into such things as music, recording music, audio, etc you may want to talk to them about being point person / project person for the podcasts. These skills carry over. Got a librarian who used to work in radio? Grab them for sure?