Bedside Table Reading

What’s on my bedside table you ask? (well…maybe you didn’t but I’ll tell you anyway!)

A few weeks of Entertainment Weekly: Gotta stay in tune with pop culture, yes?

2003 OCLC Enviromental Scan: Pattern Recognition: I can’t say enough about this one. This report to the OCLC membership includes a look at the social, technology, economic and library landscape as well as future trends for libraries, a focus on content, and much much more. Just the Glossary and Readings List are worth the $16 it cost for it to be shipped to my door.

The volume includes a section on major trends in the library landscape. I kid you not: these are the things adminstarors, reference librarians and IT folks need to know about as they set to planning the future of their organizations.

Key terms? Collaboration…New Roles…Accountability…