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Supporting Peter Hepburn for ALA President

Greetings to all members of the American Library Association. I received my ballot and I am happy to cast a vote for Peter Hepburn for ALA President. I have known Peter for over ten years. His work with libraries and participation in our association is strong. His experience within ALA over the years on council, the Executive Board, and various divisions is a solid foundation for the role of president. Sustainability is the centerpiece of his presidential campaign, something members of ALA cannot ignore. His platform includes: A Model for Sustainability Organizational Stability Continued Commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion For more […]

Office Hours: Conference Call

A new way of professional learning may be replacing the “filling a ballroom and quietly taking notes as a speaker speaks” model and seems to have its genesis in a more localized fashion. At a state meeting last spring, a library administrator noted, “My new professional hires are much more interested in doing regional and state stuff—super into the state stuff.” Is this the rise of locavore learning? Budgets may be more robust for travel closer to home. There’s something wonderful about meeting up with colleagues once a year (or more) and commiserating. As a friend said at CALCON, “I’m […]

Supporting Loida Garcia-Febo for ALA President

Friends in the library world. I am thrilled to support Loida Garcia-Febo for ALA President. Please take a look at her campaign site for more. I am pleased to endorse Loida for ALA President. I have followed her work with the association and other international groups for some time. Loida recognizes the importance of inclusive service for everyone, and to do that we must advocate for ourselves, our institutions and our users. She also recognizes we must also develop our own skills and policies as the nature of information and access to information continues to evolve. I am confident her […]

London Calling: Check Out the #ILI2016 Programme Here

The conference programme is out for Internet Librarian International 2016! This is one of my favorite conferences – please take a look. At ILI, we’re all about responding to challenge through innovation. ILI is a great forum for sharing ideas, learning new skills, hearing about new tools and technology, making unexpected connections, discovering practical solutions, and exploring new and interesting approaches – all with the aim of helping you make a difference to your organisation, clients and communities. Take a look at this year’s programme and plan now to meet up with us in London this October.  

How about Joy?

This quote from Seth Godin, shared on the super cool R-Squared Risk takers group on Facebook by Jodi Grifasi Brown is golden: “Traditional corporations, particularly large-scale service and manufacturing businesses are organized for efficiency. Or consistency. But not joy. Joy comes from surprise and connection and humanity and transparency and new…If you fear special requests, if you staff with cogs, if you have to put it all in a manual, then the chances of amazing someone are really quite low. These organizations have people who will try to patch problems over after the fact, instead of motivated people eager to delight on […]

Do You Know A Librarian Who Could be a Pritzker Fellow?

The Pritzker Fellowship from Chicago Public Media is designed to cultivate a “new generation” of journalists. The fellows are nominated by community organizations, cannot have a degree in journalism, must not be in an academic program, and must be interested in community reporting. This would be perfect for a librarian. In fact, I wish that I could nominate a librarian for this! Do you know a librarian who might qualify? Check out the curriculum from their website: Program Curriculum Throughout the training period, the Pritzker Fellows will work on many projects and develop skills within their chosen arena.  The training will be extremely targeted […]

Another New Article – Australian Library Journal

Stephens, M. & Cheetham, W. (2012). “Benefits and results of Learning 2.0: a case study of CityLibrariesLearning – discover*play*connect.” Australian Library Journal, 61(1), 6-15. A snippet: Both the pre- and post-programme survey utilised the question ‘Which of the following topics/tools are familiar to you?’ Staff selected from a scale ranging from ‘have only heard the name’ to ‘very familiar.’ There were marked improvements across the scale in every category for the post-programme survey.  Technologies such as Facebook, blogs, Google documents and others showed marked improvement in the post programme survey.   Adopting the tools into work and personal life was also a […]

TTW Endorses Barb Stripling for ALA President – Please Vote

I met Barb at our SLIS reception at PLA – I appreciate her views and focus on learning of all kinds within our field. In the course of our discussion, she told me that she continues to learn and take on new challenges. That view aligns with my own about the profession. Please vote for Barb. Here’s the text of an email I received from her campaign: Dear Colleague, As a leader of ALA, you know the importance of voting for the presidential candidate who can provide strong vision and leadership for our association at this challenging and exciting time […]