Another IMing Library (A Shifted Library! Right, Jenny?)

From colleague and workshop participant Stephen Boggs, who is director of New Carlisle Public Library in New Carlisle, IN (at the far west reaches of my county), we get a report of what he’s doing at his library since the “Reinventing Libraries Workshop” This rocks my world.

So far I have set-up three additional IM accounts for the library. Information about or screen names is posted on our main web page @

The accounts were fairly easy to establish, though I have switched to a program called PSI to handle all three accounts instead of managing three different IM programs at once. I’m hoping that kids/adults will see that we are trying to be as approchable as possible, especially since it simply takes just a few clicks to ask a question. I am also going to try to have the staff sign up for IM accounts for quickie questions and general communication instead of using the intercom or waiting for an e-mail reply. It’s easy to do, but people don’t care to “have their cheese moved,” so I need to remember to be patient and supportive when introducing things like this to the staff.

I have also started a blog. It is located at The cool thing about it is that I can just use my normal e-mail to post to it. Some ask why do both a blog and a website? Simple. They are two different things. The blog is strictly a list and nothing more, whereas the website is much more structured. I must admit that as I was browsing some library related blogs I was quite put off by what the ALA President had to say about bloggers in general.

Rock On Stephen! I hope the internal IM initiative goes well. Two key words for introducing staff to new technologies: patient and supportive. Some staff will take to it like ducks to the pond, some staff will fight anything that’s new, and some staff fall in between. I’m pondering buy-in a lot these days… it’s important for success in libraries for sure!