Training IM: A Ready To Go Module

Training IM

Last week I did some IM Training for some new and seasoned staff who will be working at SJCPL Service areas that use IM (Reference and AV) to answer questions. It was a good exercise and now I see more clearly how to set up this type of training. I wanted them to get screenames first, then chat with each other and then tackle some exercises. I did all the things a good trainer should do: checked my equipment, tested the computers and preppeed the room and handouts.

What I didn’t count on was having issue with logging in to iChat (we were on Macs, thank you very much) with a new screename. I tested it on a random training room computer and it worked for me. In the class – it didn’t. No one could log in.

How I will do it differently: Next time, I want all 20 macs pre-configured with iChat and Fire (a multi client chat app for OS X) and each to have a pre-configured screen name: SJCPLTrain1, SJCPLTrain2, SJCPLTrain3, etc.

That way, we don’t spend the time signing up and logging in. I want to save that for other training times, maybe as Advanced IM. Along with the IM Reference initiative here, we have a thriving community of IMing staff who communicate and work better because of this software. It does my heart good, I said to my Assistant Director this afternoon, to meet with our Staff Development Librarian and hear her plans to mount an IM directory on the intranet and encourage staff to IM her.

Anyway, here are my training documents. Maybe some of you can use them.

PPT file used as a handout for IM Training. CUSTOMIZE to your library and your IM Client

Trainer’s Outline & Objectives

Sample questions. Give to half of your students

Sample questions. Give to other half of your students

UPDATE: IMAOLScreenName.ppt: A Handout for getting ScreeNames