WOW: iPod Stats & Article! Via Chris (Updated)

An e-mail this am from Chris Kupec:

“I’m going to an OverDrive demo today. I’ll ask the rep what she thinks of

iPodlounge: Apple takes lead in flash market, continues domination

During its second quarter conference call with press and analysts, Apple
revealed that the iPod shuffle was the No. 1 selling flash-based MP3 player
worldwide in February with 43 percent market share. The iPod shuffle is
expected to be the top-selling flash player in the coming months, but NPD
Techworld (which calculates the sales numbers) has not yet released reports
for March.

Apple?s iTunes Music Store remains the clear leader in online music sales
with a share of 70-75 percent, according to Nielsen Soundscan. The company
said over 350 million songs have now been purchased and downloaded from

In addition, Apple?s share of the worldwide hard drive-based MP3 player
market stands at over 90 percent. With Apple?s quick takeover of the flash
market, the company now accounts for more than 70 percent of all MP3 players

Apple also said that Hewlett Packard?s share of the iPod market dropped
last quarter to only 3 percent of iPod sales.

UPDATE: Chris also sent this article: concerning some of those libraries that have realized their download services DO NOT WORK ON IPODS!