Chris Kupec Writes to Audible: We want to support iPods at our PL

Chris is doing some cool stuff with iTunes at his library. This post includes a letter to Audible. His points:

The details need to be addressed carefully, but it boils down to this:

1. We want to offer digital audiobooks to our patrons.
2. We do not want to circulate any devices. The patrons must provide their own.
3. We want the patrons to come into the library, and have the staff load patron devices.
4. We want the library to own the files locally, on a local storage device, e.g., when our Internet service is slow, we do not want to hinder the patron from checking out an audiobook.
5. We want to support iPods. WMA-based services can’t offer this. Audible offers the greatest range of supported hardware and has the advantage over any other service in this regard.
6. We want to be able to circulate multiple copies easily and affordably.

The thread I see here is that this library really wants to be user-centered, including those users that own iPods… And, hmmm, didn’t the new Business 2.0 (which I read cover to cover) report that Apple is selling iPods at a “rate of about 40 per minute.” Chris – keep us informed when you hear back from Audible!

“What’s Next for Apple?”
Business 2.0
By Paul Sloan,?Paul Kaihla
March 23, 2005