Sherri’s IM Survey

Via an email from Stephen Abram: (Thanks!)

Now it’s still very early, and the survey has only been up for 2 days (20 responses so far), but I’m noticing a peculiar trend in the responses: 90% of respondents currently use IM, and 90% have never used the UNLV Chat Reference service. The next question asks “if the service were offered, would you use Instant Messaging to ask a librarian for research help?” Again, 90% responded ‘yes.’

This is good stuff to ponder. Sherri does mention the VR service has not been promoted too much, which happens a lot. But her point speaks volumes: maybe IM is better because it supports ” the ’embedded’ service concept: provide help for people where and when they use it most.” Yup… I’d be looking very closely at the ROI of that VR service…

“IM is looking better and better all the time.”