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IM Interactions

I had a sit down last week with a librarian working closely on an IM Reference project. I asked what kind of IM interactions they get at their library. She had this list, which may be similar to what other libraries have encountered as they begin projects like this. * Kids seeing if someone is actually “there” * A few questions of the “Are you hot?” variety * A lot of informational questions about the library: hours, etc * Some gosh darn spiffy* reference questions I think it’s important for training to understand we may get a few questions like […]

Workshop: Reinventing Libraries Session One

Reinventing Libraries: People, Place and Purpose This was the first of three workshops co-taught with Sharon and Dan Wiseman of Wiseman Consulting. We began the day with some ground rules — one conversation, suffering is optional, etc — and then Sharon presented some groundwork on the roots and traditions of libraries, librarians and our collective history. Sharon noted it’s amazing how many libraries started as Ladies’ Libraries back in the day. Then we worked through these questions: What is happening in Libraries (down the street and around the block) What is true and not true about Libraries (Our roots, traditions, […]

Playlists and Music

Sherri also has a post about playlists and music, and I downloaded the article she pointed to for my growing collection of social software citations. Hot! Anyway, here are my musical links: Michael’s iTunes Library: Allows you to see some of my favorites, guilty pleasures and clicks through to ITMS! Michael’s AudioScrobbler Page

Sherri’s IM Survey

Via an email from Stephen Abram: (Thanks!) http://blog.uwinnipeg.ca/schwagbag/archives/2005/04/imers_not_digit.html Now it’s still very early, and the survey has only been up for 2 days (20 responses so far), but I’m noticing a peculiar trend in the responses: 90% of respondents currently use IM, and 90% have never used the UNLV Chat Reference service. The next question asks “if the service were offered, would you use Instant Messaging to ask a librarian for research help?” Again, 90% responded ‘yes.’ This is good stuff to ponder. Sherri does mention the VR service has not been promoted too much, which happens a lot. But […]