Daily Archives: April 17, 2005

Sherri also has a post about playlists and music, and I downloaded the article she pointed to for my growing collection of social software citations. Hot! Anyway, here are my musical links: Michael’s iTunes Library: Allows you to see some of my favorites, guilty pleasures and clicks through to ITMS! […]

Playlists and Music

Via an email from Stephen Abram: (Thanks!) http://blog.uwinnipeg.ca/schwagbag/archives/2005/04/imers_not_digit.html Now it’s still very early, and the survey has only been up for 2 days (20 responses so far), but I’m noticing a peculiar trend in the responses: 90% of respondents currently use IM, and 90% have never used the UNLV Chat […]

Sherri’s IM Survey