IM Survey Results

Sherri reports on her survey. It’s fascinating!


3) Have you ever used the UNLV Libraries Chat Reference Service?

And now for the interesting stuff . . . a mere 11.3% (c=21) of respondents reported that they have used the UNLV Libraries chat reference service in the past. That leaves a whopping 88.7% (c=165) of IMers who responded out in the (virtual) cold.

Talk about ROI! That is not a very good one at all. Some folks, likje me, might even say “CUT THE CORD!” with such low numbers. Is it promotion? Bad software? General disinterest?

Library administrators take note: this is not an effective use of resources!

4) If the service were offered, would you use Instant Messaging to ask a librarian for research help?

Next, the topsey turvy effect: 87.5% (c=161) responded that if offered, they *would* use instant messaging to get help from the library, while 12.5% (c=23) indicated that they would not. Almost exactly the same percentage who indicated that they haven’t used the existing chat reference service said they would use IM.

Wowza. This speaks volumes. Meet your students where they are!

Read her post. It’s HOT stuff!

I’m going forward with the IM effort, and expect to roll out by the end of the month. Next up: implementation, staff training, and creation of website documentation to alert users of the change in service.

Sherri – What a great post. Keep us informed!