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The Key to Excellent Tech training AND an Excellent Staff

LiB has posted her Tech Training Competencies! And I am a happy guy! http://librarianinblack.typepad.com/librarianinblack/2005/05/technology_core.html I did a similar thing a few years ago for SJCPL but this stuff is incredible, current and useful. Read it! Do you have these skills? (SKILLZ) Does your staff? http://www.cla-net.org/included/docs/tech_core_competencies.pdf This set of competencies is intended to serve as a base model for technology competencies among California library workers. California’s libraries are incredibly diverse; there are many different types and sizes of libraries, different staffing, and different technology. The purpose of these competencies is not to be the guidepost by which all libraries measure technology […]

IM Survey Results

http://blog.uwinnipeg.ca/schwagbag/archives/2005/05/imers_not_digit_2.html Sherri reports on her survey. It’s fascinating! Excerpt: 3) Have you ever used the UNLV Libraries Chat Reference Service? And now for the interesting stuff . . . a mere 11.3% (c=21) of respondents reported that they have used the UNLV Libraries chat reference service in the past. That leaves a whopping 88.7% (c=165) of IMers who responded out in the (virtual) cold. Talk about ROI! That is not a very good one at all. Some folks, likje me, might even say “CUT THE CORD!” with such low numbers. Is it promotion? Bad software? General disinterest? Library administrators take […]