ATTENTION Public Librarians

Start making travel plans! California in October!

Here’s the blurb for an ALL DAY TRACK at Internet Librarian in Monterey, CA in October. For more info:

(Note: this line up could change!)

Top Tech Trends for Public Libraries (PLs)

This track explores what top technology trends some public librarians are using to reach their user and explores how medium and small PLs can successfully implement some of those new technologies. With an eye toward cost, staffing and the ROI, these sessions offer useful tips, take-home examples, and loads of practical experience. Michael Stephens, Moderator, SJCPL, & Tame the Web.

10.15-11 Web Trends & Innovations
Glenn Peterson, Hennepin Co. PL
Sarah Houghton, Marin Co. PL
David King, Kansas City PL
A lively opening to our day! Meet the experts for a discussion of the state of public library Web sites, including what smaller public library Web sites are focusing on in terms of content, tips for effective Web presence and maintenance, bold design and new technology, and what cutting-edge public library Web sites are doing and plan to do in the next year, including integrated subject guides and a team approach.

Digital Content
Ken Weil & Joe Latini, South Huntington PL, Long Island, NY
Meet librarians who have implemented a successful audio books program in their libraries detailing many valuable lessons about choosing the right vendor, configuring the Web site, promoting, and eventually surveying users. And don?t miss the librarians from the first public library to circulate iPod Shuffles!

Lunch Break
12:00 p.m. ? 1:15 p.m.

People and Technology
David King, Kansas City PL
Michael Stephens, SJCPL
How do we manage technology, people, and ourselves in the public library environment where change is constant. King discusses how to hire and keep tech-savvy staff and Stephens presents ways promote staff buy-in when planning and implementing technology.

Social Software & Sites for PLs
Jenny Levine, The Shifted Librarian
Jessamyn West,
Learn what public libraries can do with social software and sites. Images! Bookmarks! Tags! Presented by two notable blogging librarians, this session offers tips and tricks to use in your library for marketing, outreach, and presence!

Hardware Solutions
Aaron Schmidt, Thomas Ford Memorial Library
Bernadine Goldman, Los Alamos County Public Library
Schmidt outlines the best practices for configuring the public computer. From reasons not to ?dumb them down? to spyware solutions, these hints and tips offer useful insights for participants? public libraries! Goldman outlines how to take control of public library computing stations with step-by-step instructions and tips for planning.

Future Tech Trends for PLs
Sarah Houghton, Marin Co PL
Joe Latini, SHPL & Ken Weil, SHPL
Jenny Levine, The Shifted Librarian
Aaron Schmidt, TFML