Hidden Peanuts Makes My Day


I need to add a number eleven to my list of ten things I learned at ALA:

I am truly excited about being a librarian.

I can say without hyperbole that going into this field is the best decision I?ve ever made. I won?t make as much money as I would in the IT sector, but I get to actually meet and help real human beings – on a minute to minute basis. I get to make their lives just a little bit easier. And I get to love what I?ll do!

I haven?t always been quite so excited. But once I started blogging, once I started making connections outside the classroom I quickly reached critical mass……. OK, so maybe I didn?t learn this just at ALA. But it sure was reaffirmed. I met and re-met so many wonderful people, and I can?t wait to join you all as a full colleague.

Sigh. Chad..you are totally a colleague! Well done!