IM at Alexandrian (A New Twist on an Old Favorite)

Alexandrian PL IMMarin County PL IMSJCPL IM

Above: Three examples of some HOT PL IM Pages..there are many others… take a look and be inspired!

Hooray for Alexandrian PL — going live with IM reference on August 15. They’ve created an IM reference page similar to some other libraries — and one I believe SJCPL orginated (Thanks Maire!) What rocks my world is the progression here. More information about the service and how the library handles questions.

Just a couple of things to note before you get started…

Any screen names that send IMs containing obscene language or that are harassing will be blocked.
We are unable to answer lengthy research questions via IM – for example, a complicated genealogical research question. We are also unable to provide advice on questions of a medical, tax, or legal nature.
IM Reference is part of our regular reference service, which includes in-person and telephone reference services. Sometimes we might be answering all kinds of questions at the same time, so please be patient.

Well Done APL!