Embrace & Experience Web 2.0

I was so happy to see Sherri post about Meebo and include this little phrase: “Hello Web 2.0!” with a link to wikipedia as a definition. (And WOWZA is that some good reading!)

So yes, greetings to Web 2.0! Are you ready for it? Has your library looked at blogs? IM? Flickr?

And while we are saying hello, take a look at: http://webjunction.org/do/DisplayContent?id=11257 for WebJunction’s overview of public libraries and online community, brought about by new social tools:

A new generation of “social software” tools is coming on the scene, and they’re making it easier than ever for people to come together online to share, exchange ideas and build community. And libraries have a natural and important place in this new world. Whether your library’s current Web site is nonexistent or pretty darn fancy, consider some of the resources below as you plot the next steps in cultivating a more potent and effective online presence for your library.

More Web 2.0 to follow!